Friday, 21 June 2013


So we had our initial appointment with our Nurse Practitioner last night.  I can't describe what a relief it was to finally find some form of healthcare supervision after months of frustrating calls to area doctors.  We went in as a family and went through each of our medical histories.  The nurse was great, Jen and I both really liked her.

Paige was, naturally, the center of attention but there was a lot of story telling with all my blood pressure drama over the last couple months.  I was quick to pull out my spreadsheet and graph and showed exactly where my progress seemed to have stalled with Paige's arrival.  Not blaming Paige, just explaining why things got put on hold for a bit for the sake of helping out with Paige.

She seemed appreciative of my data tracking and sympathetic that the last 4 weeks had altered priorities a bit but also reminded me that long-term success meant I had to get back on track now. So she wheeled over her blood pressure machine to verify where I was at.

And it was bad.  I was crushed.  I was practically babbling as I pulled out my spreadsheet again and pointed to recent measurements and traced trendlines from the graph.  I quoted the nephrologist who had told me that measurements taken at clinics and doctor's offices were typically skewed and home measurements were best.  She nodded through it all but still took two more measurements which were better but not great.

I was pissed.  It was almost like I was back at square one when I was going to the walk-in clinic and dealing with skeptical people who glared at me over my blood pressure results while I limply held out my spreadsheet to defend myself.  So I have to go back in a week and bring my home machine to validate all that data once again.  

Was not happy.  Then she asked about blood work.  I felt I had had enough blood work.  She asked about cholesterol and my mood picked up a bit as I relayed the fact that the blood work from the Renal Clinic had shown that my bad cholesterol levels were within the recommended range for people at risk for heart disease.  Ha!  Take that!

So she goes to the computer and pulls up my blood work from the hospital and proceeds to shit all over my good cholesterol feelings.  From her perspective, the results were "okay", but there was definitely room for improvement.  Really?  You can't just give me this one thing?  You can't just say "Yah you have frightening blood pressure levels but, hey, good job on the cholesterol!".  No, I'm an asshole because my blood isn't absolutely pristine.


I was fairly grumpy as we left but it's pretty hard to throw a pity party when Paige is around.  She's just so darn cute.  And she's what it's all about.  We're signed up, we're on track, Paige will have all the proper medical supervision she needs.  I will have to put up with some further bullshit with this stupid blood pressure but it's all so we have the most time together possible as a happy, healthy family.

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