Tuesday, 11 June 2013


So, yah, back to work.  I was pretty anxious going in.  I mean, shit seems to fall apart if I take ONE day off, let alone three weeks.  But, surprisingly, everything is relatively cool.  A couple voice mails, a load of not too dramatic e-mails, and I was good to go.  I'd left my main project in the hands of others and things progressed reasonably well in my absence.  So I come back to a pretty clean slate and that was a tremendous load off my mind.

Back at home is another story. Peanut decided now was a perfect time to shorten up her sleep intervals.  And this just puts more of the load on Jen.  My window to sub in and give her some relief has been drastically shortened.  But this too shall pass.  Hopefully sooner than later.

1 comment:

  1. As soon as you get used to it she'll change. The good things and the things that make you struggle... both don't last :)