Sunday, 26 May 2013

Warm Bodies

Maybe fatherhood has made me soft but I was actually looking forward to seeing this Zom-Rom-Com.  I'd heard a couple positive reviews so I looked past the possible Twilight-baiting that was likely behind the greenlighting of this movie and suggested we watch it this afternoon.

I really liked it. The premise is a bit twisted but it was fun and funny from start to finish.  It is an incredibly unique take on the zombie genre, crossing it with the latest craze of monster/teenager romance.  It works, at least for me.

If you dismissed it because of the ridiculous premise, I'd recommend another look.


  1. I saw some interviews with Nicholas Hoult, who I have enjoyed in other roles, so I was secretly planning on watching this.
    Now I will most definitely (and somewhat less secretly).

    1. I was surprised to see everything he has been in. Well done here for sure.