Sunday, 12 May 2013


So, what do you do when you're waiting for a baby to show up?  If the weather is nice you head out for a walk.  Saturday we drove up to Milverton and walked around for a bit.  The town has everything we would need and it just feels comfortable.  There's nothing that isn't within walking distance and, coming from a town of 5,000 people, it has that homey vibe that I don't have in the suburbs of Kitchener.

We had lunch at the local pub and were very impressed.  Looks like a great breakfast place too.  That pretty much nailed it.  House hunting can commence.

Then the rain started.  Movie time!  First up was a movie that Jen has been practically drooling to see: Parker.  This Statham flick had promise as a kick ass heist/revenge flick.  But somebody producing that movie had a serious hard-on for Jennifer Lopez and blew up the script to jam an entirely unnecessary character into the mix.  I spent the last hour of this movie on the edge of my seat yelling at the TV "WHY?".  Do not watch this movie.

Next I started digging around Netflix  for something to watch.  I landed on Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  Now what would your expectations be for a movie with that title?  For me, I was expecting a metric tonne of pure grade cheez.  But for such a ridiculous premise, I can't call this movie cheezy.  If they had executed this movie with even the smallest wink to the audience, I would have hated it.  Likewise, if the special effects had come up short, I would have turned it off well short of the midway point.  But they did this entire movie with a straight face and with CG effects that actually impressed.  Every time Abraham Lincoln twirled his silver bladed axe in anticipation of sending another vampire to hell, I laughed out loud.  I was shocked to find I actually liked this movie, if only for its sheer audacity.  And I was completely sober when I watched it!

Finally, based on several positive recommendations, we watched End of Watch.  I had dismissed this movie based solely on its cover image.  It just looked like another "cops on the street, dealing with the thin blue line" style movie.  I've seen Training Day, I didn't need to watch it again.  But this movie is definitely different.  Great dialogue and acting.  They do a great job of framing the partners as best friends as well as dedicated to their job.  The filming takes an inconsistent approach to the "found footage" shaky cam style of camera work and this would infuriate me in a lesser movie.  But all cinematic sins are forgiven for the powerful story they end up telling.  I should have wrapped my blood pressure cuff on for the last 20 minutes to chart how the tension was ramping up my blood pressure.  This is a can't miss movie.  Avengers is still my favourite movie of 2012 but this is a close second.  Phenomenal.

But we're still waiting for Peanut to show up.  Should be an interesting week!

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