Thursday, 16 May 2013


Still no Peanut!  The due date of a child seems relatively arbitrary so I know we shouldn't be getting too worked up that the kid didn't show up exactly on this one particular date.  But still.  Come on already.

So we had a follow up with our midwife yesterday to check on progress and fill us in on the plan going forward.  Part of this appointment was going to be a procedure called The Sweep.  I'll let you google that for the finer details.  I excused myself from the room before the procedure started.  Just seemed kind of wrong for me to be peering over the midwife's shoulder as she man-handled my wife's cervix.  Besides, it would have been irresistible for me not to let loose some curling-type commentary through the procedure "SWEEP! HURRY!  HURRY HARD!  SWEEEEEEEEP!!!!!".

Anyways, the results of the procedure were quite promising.  Things have been progressing.  It's just a matter of time.  We have an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow to determine whether we need to speed things up a bit but we think Peanut won't need much external coaxing.  When Peanut's ready, he or she will show up.  Until then, we wait. 


  1. You should go to the Movie Theater and See Iron man or something. It worked for me.

  2. But then you risk the chance of "wasting" $50 at the theatre. I know that's what Morgan was thinking while we were sitting at the theatre and my contractions had started.
    Ultrasound is a good sign. I think Peanut will show up tonight just because of that.

  3. Of course the Robickles and the Elliotts (heh!) Googled, and sort of wished we hadn't. And of course we all yelled "Hurry haaaaaard!" because we are twelve.

    Jeff says the 17th is a fantastic date on which to be born. He is willing to share!