Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Even though Paige has taken center stage in our lives, we still have other issues that need our attention.  For me, it's the small matter of my blood pressure.  A little bit before Paige showed up, I had gone in for a sleepover at the local sleep clinic.  The theory was that my snoring was contributing to my high blood pressure.  The results take a month to compile so I had some waiting to do.

In the meantime there were many sleep apnea stories shared at work.  There were many people who either had machines or knew people who had machines.  And everything sounded positive.  But just before I left for parental leave, one of the welders said "Hey, is your sleep doctor the one they're charging with incompetence?".


A quick google search confirmed that the physician who runs the sleep clinic I was referred to is indeed facing charges that he was incompetent in the care provided to at least 35 patients between 2007 and 2010. He faces a hearing in July. Link.

Yippee!  So, what do you do?  The test is done, might as well go in and see what they have to say.  Really, how badly can they fuck up this thing?  Either I need a machine or I don't.  My appointment was this past Monday so in I went.

And sure enough, I got to see THAT doctor.  He seemed competent enough.  Although my meeting was attended by another person who did more of the actual patient interface.  The back story on his whole ordeal must be quite interesting.  But I was more concerned about my situation.

Bottom line, I'm getting a machine.  I snore, there's interruptions in breathing through the night, and it's very likely that it's the source of my high blood pressure.  Things are progressing but slowly.  I've got another appointment to get fitted up to a machine next week and we'll see how well I react to it from there.  If it works, I've got another sleepover to look forward to.  If it doesn't work, there's some back and forth with the machine vendor to get it dialed in.

Given my choice of masks, I'm really hoping I can get a model similar to this one:


  1. The machine did wonders for both Kev and Joe :)

  2. I love the screencap of the doctor they used for the article. Yeah, no problem Dr Nick!

    But, what Andrea said! Hope it helps.