Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Sleep Clinic

So sleep clinic happened last night.  Not an enjoyable evening out.  Check your pride at the door, basically.  If it was a one-on-one session with the technician, it might not have been so bad.  But you get sensored up in this hallway with all the other patients and techs.  Super.  

I didn't get enough sleep the night before so I was actually hoping that I'd sleep through the night OK.  No such luck.  I don't know how anybody gets sleep when they're wired, head to toe, and plugged into the wall like some lab experiment.  It's not comfortable.  I got a solid 4 hours of sleep though and the tech seemed happy enough with that.  Now I have to wait 4 weeks to see what my results actually mean.

I had to fill out a couple questionnaires before going to "sleep" last night and, based on a lot of the questions, it didn't sound like I was seeing strong symptoms for sleep apnea.  Certainly none of the traits of insomnia or narcolepsy.  But I'm definitely in a category that would be prone to sleep apnea so we'll see what the results are.  I'm actually kind of hoping that the results are positive to really nail this blood pressure thing.

In the meantime, I wait.  Luckily we'll soon have Peanut around to take my mind off of it.  Good times.

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