Saturday, 25 May 2013

Oh, Sens. Oh.

We've actually been quite invested in the hockey playoffs this year.  The shortened regular season got a big "meh" but we definitely got swept up in playoff fever.  My beloved Jets just missed out but how could I not cheer for my favourite back-up team, the pesky Ottawa Senators?

The seedings definitely fell in their favour.  I don't think they would have fared well against Boston and, well, we found out in the second round how they would have fared if they had drawn Pittsburgh in the first round.  They went all out against Montreal and it was awesome to see them come through to the second round.  Could they pull off a miracle and defeat the number 1 seed in the East?


Last night put an end to their season.  And it was finished with an exclamation point.  They over-achieved through the regular season and stepped it up in the first round but they were absolutely obliterated by the high powered Pittsburgh Penguins.  Ah well.  Not too disappointed.  It looks like there will be plenty of entertaining hockey through to the final.  Really looking forward to watching a Pittsburgh/Boston Eastern final.  And friggin Detroit is set to totally blow up my hockey pool by taking out Chicago.  I just wish I had watched more of the LA/San Jose series.  I watched a few periods the other night while I was up with Paige and it was fantastic.

If only the Sens could have taken out Matt Cooke before heading to the golf course.

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