Wednesday, 29 May 2013


We had a rough night last night so tonight I took Paige out for an evening walk around the neighbourhood in the hopes it would kickstart a deep sleep.  We've had rain most of the day but it cleared up after dinner and it's still warm out so most of the neighbourhood was out and about.  So I'm coming face to face with a lot of people.

Now, I'm on record of not being a big fan of people in general.  But I do make the effort to be polite.  Especially when my little Peanut is looking right at me.  I don't go in for a big bro-hug but I'll dish out a smile and nod for anybody I cross paths with.

And for the dozens of people I walked past tonight only one person returned a smile.  If they looked at me at all, I was typically greeted with a cold, suspicious glance.  I hate this town.  It's just another Toronto suburb. Everybody has their head down and it's best to avoid eye contact.  Ridiculous.

And cheers to the happy go lucky guy who was out walking his Pomeranian and appeared to be the only person in a good mood in the entire neighbourhood.  Good for you dude.  Me and you spreading joy and happiness in this sinkhole of misery and spite.  Man I can't wait to move to Milverton.


  1. I know how you feel. Sometimes, when I'm in the right mood, I see how many people I can FORCE to say "hi" to me. If you're loud enough and chipper enough MOST people will return the greeting. Others are just surely (is that the right word?)

  2. it too many times and they might start crossing the street when they see you coming lol