Sunday, 26 May 2013

Daddy Daughter Day!

Well, more like Daddy Daughter Morning.  Paige and I went out to do some shopping and go for a walk while Jen relaxed in a much deserved bath.  Gotta say, I'm LOVING the B.O.B. stroller.  It is a breeze.  We discovered a new park nearby and it has plenty of interesting things for Paige to see.

Of course, we got lots of attention as everyone wants to see the baby and I am, of course, tickled to show her off.  But something quickly became quite clear.  Our decision to leave the gender a mystery right up to delivery exposed a universal truth: There is no such thing as gender neutral colouring.  Pink clothing means it's a girl and ANY other colour means it's a boy.

Ah well, the mystery was worth correcting a few errant assumptions.  And everyone agrees that she's the cutest.  It was a good morning.


  1. You just have to roll with it. Lots of people thought Alice was a boy until she was 2! Even if she was in pink!

  2. We need to get t shirts that say Daddy's little girl :)