Saturday, 18 May 2013


STILL no Peanut!  We were a week late yesterday so we had some appointments scheduled to see how Peanut was doing in there.  This also kicked off my 3 week "paternity" leave from work which feels friggin awesome.  But, yah, Peanut.

First up was the ultrasound.  I wasn't invited into this session so I got to spend an hour in the waiting room while Jen got poked and prodded and covered in lube.  I was absolutely horrified to listen in on one particular family dynamic.  Some 20 year old punk was there with his mom and sister and significant other and was actually pissed to find out he was going to have a girl.  He was throwing an all out hissy fit in front of all the female members of his family and the rest of the waiting room.  It was disgusting.  I felt so bad for his future daughter.  God I hate people.

While I was resisting the urge to choke the life out of someone, Jen was having her own fun.  Peanut was not playing nice for the ultrasound tech.  The tech needed some specific poses for this biophysical profile but Peanut was having none of it.  Unfortunately that meant Jen would have to endure some abuse as the tech tried to externally manipulate Peanut's position.  It was an hour of fun for the whole family.

We finally got out of there and had a couple hours to relax before meeting our midwife at Grand River Hospital to find out the ultrasound results and consult with the obstetrician on duty on when we would look at inducing birth.

Jen got hooked up to a baby monitor and we sat and watched the graph for an hour.  Peanut was going nuts.  After an hour of no movement at the ultrasound, Peanut looked to be tunneling right through Jen's belly button.  But we sat and watched.  Then the midwife came back and said baby was being TOO active.  Jesus, this was getting ridiculous.  So Jen spent another hour trying different positions and sipping water, trying to get Peanut to relax enough to get the midwife's stamp of approval.

Peanut did ultimately quiet down but the obstetrician was no longer available because he was off doing a c-section.  So we waited some more.  Finally, 3 hours into this visit, we met the obstetrician.  He seems to be a dick so hopefully we don't have to deal with him again.  But the bottom line was that Peanut is doing fine and Jen is progressing normally.  Everything is going good but we don't want Peanut in there forever so we're looking at inducing labour on Monday if nothing pops out this weekend.  Great.  3 hours of waiting around just to make another appointment.  Just like with my blood pressure adventures, the worst part of being at a hospital is just the waiting around.

So we have the weekend to make this happen!  Otherwise we're facing another long day at the hospital.  But either way we're looking forward to finally meeting this little trouble maker.

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