Wednesday, 22 May 2013


So here we are, two days into parenthood.  I should recap a bit.  We were called in to be induced first thing Monday morning.  The birth room we were assigned to was fantastic.  It was huge!  Private bathroom with whirlpool tub, a rocking chair, a lounging area, a baby bathing area, and all the pieces of equipment necessary to make you feel confident that any eventuality would be taken care of promptly and professionally.

Jen was put on an IV and started on the inducing drug around 9:15.  Then we waited for shit to happen.  Not much happened for the next 4 hours.  But around 1:00 shit got real.  Contractions came fast and hard.  For the next 8 hours they never really let up.  And Jen was an absolute superhero through it all.  She took in every contraction and breathed out all the pain.  She was amazing.  It hurt to watch her endure this and not be able to take any of it away.  I did what I could to help but it was The Jen Show from start to finish.  I am in complete awe of her.

Our plan was to aim for a natural birth but roll with whatever factors came up and make decisions based on our midwife's advice.  That plan got thrown right out the window with the induction.  We were in the nurses' hands across two shifts, had a special guest appearance by the obstetrician and 3 of her friends right at the end, and then had care transferred back to the midwife after the birth.  We were disappointed that the midwife we had spent so much time with up to this point wasn't involved but we can't say enough about the staff at Grand River Hospital. They were always encouraging and supportive and gave us options when we needed them.  If we ever go for Kid #2, we would have zero hesitation to have that birth in the same environment.

Jen didn't get through the birth completely unscathed.  There was some repair work done.  We stayed the night just to be safe.  There wasn't much sleep.  We had our brand new Paige in the room with us and any slight noise had us up and checking on her.  We eventually got home and we started our life as a family from there.

Jen and I have been trading sleep shifts here and there but she's the one with all the baby food.  We're working on it and the support from the midwife post birth has been great.  And sitting at home, with this wonderful creature that we made, lying on my chest, my world shifted.  It's all about her now.  It's impossible not to think about the future.  About schools and friends and, lord help me, boyfriends.  I want her to experience the best of it all while I protect her from the worst of it.  The pressure of all those impending obligations and responsibilities is undeniable.  But all it takes is for her to turn her head and look up at me and I know I will do anything for this jewel, this peanut of ours.  Our Paige.

Here we go!


  1. No, YOU'RE crying.

    Shut up, it's dusty.

  2. Awwww! So thrilled for all of you. Welcome to the world Paige!