Monday, 6 May 2013

Agua Para Gatos

We and the Robickles suffer from severe cases of feline enslavement.  In a world where we are supposedly the dominant species, we find ourselves obediently turning on the bathroom faucet in our house or freshening one of the dozen drinking glasses placed throughout the Robickle household. It really is a remarkable feat of evolution.

Anyways, we were discussing this situation not long ago and we agreed that a pressure sensitive plate that turned on a spout would be an ideal solution.  A self-serve kitty waterer.  Got me thinking and, since my spare time is filled mostly with waiting for Peanut to show up, I started hobbling parts together.

First step was teeing into the nearest water supply:

Finding the right valve took some figuring out.  I wanted to stay away from anything electrical.  McMaster-Carr had something that looked like it would do the job but they wouldn't ship it to my house.  Ended up using a pneumatic valve from good old Princess Auto:

Slapped that on a box and rigged up a wire hoop to support the drinking tube:

And the cats hated it.  Wanted nothing to do with it.  Crap.  Back to the drawing board.  Maybe reposition the tube so it's more like a drinking fountain?

The cats remain unimpressed:

Ah well, I'll continue fine tuning.  I insist these animals use this thing!

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