Friday, 31 May 2013


Come At Me Bro!

From the moment Paige got home, she's had this weird spasm when she sleeps.  Randomly, she'll all of a sudden throw up her arms with her fingers pointed down and in.  It immediately struck me as the most hilarious baby version of a "Come at me bro!" pose.  We have tried unsuccessfully to capture this pose but its randomness has made it difficult.  This is as close as we've been able to get:

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


We had a rough night last night so tonight I took Paige out for an evening walk around the neighbourhood in the hopes it would kickstart a deep sleep.  We've had rain most of the day but it cleared up after dinner and it's still warm out so most of the neighbourhood was out and about.  So I'm coming face to face with a lot of people.

Now, I'm on record of not being a big fan of people in general.  But I do make the effort to be polite.  Especially when my little Peanut is looking right at me.  I don't go in for a big bro-hug but I'll dish out a smile and nod for anybody I cross paths with.

And for the dozens of people I walked past tonight only one person returned a smile.  If they looked at me at all, I was typically greeted with a cold, suspicious glance.  I hate this town.  It's just another Toronto suburb. Everybody has their head down and it's best to avoid eye contact.  Ridiculous.

And cheers to the happy go lucky guy who was out walking his Pomeranian and appeared to be the only person in a good mood in the entire neighbourhood.  Good for you dude.  Me and you spreading joy and happiness in this sinkhole of misery and spite.  Man I can't wait to move to Milverton.

They call me Peanut!

Thanks Robickles!


Even though Paige has taken center stage in our lives, we still have other issues that need our attention.  For me, it's the small matter of my blood pressure.  A little bit before Paige showed up, I had gone in for a sleepover at the local sleep clinic.  The theory was that my snoring was contributing to my high blood pressure.  The results take a month to compile so I had some waiting to do.

In the meantime there were many sleep apnea stories shared at work.  There were many people who either had machines or knew people who had machines.  And everything sounded positive.  But just before I left for parental leave, one of the welders said "Hey, is your sleep doctor the one they're charging with incompetence?".


A quick google search confirmed that the physician who runs the sleep clinic I was referred to is indeed facing charges that he was incompetent in the care provided to at least 35 patients between 2007 and 2010. He faces a hearing in July. Link.

Yippee!  So, what do you do?  The test is done, might as well go in and see what they have to say.  Really, how badly can they fuck up this thing?  Either I need a machine or I don't.  My appointment was this past Monday so in I went.

And sure enough, I got to see THAT doctor.  He seemed competent enough.  Although my meeting was attended by another person who did more of the actual patient interface.  The back story on his whole ordeal must be quite interesting.  But I was more concerned about my situation.

Bottom line, I'm getting a machine.  I snore, there's interruptions in breathing through the night, and it's very likely that it's the source of my high blood pressure.  Things are progressing but slowly.  I've got another appointment to get fitted up to a machine next week and we'll see how well I react to it from there.  If it works, I've got another sleepover to look forward to.  If it doesn't work, there's some back and forth with the machine vendor to get it dialed in.

Given my choice of masks, I'm really hoping I can get a model similar to this one:

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Warm Bodies

Maybe fatherhood has made me soft but I was actually looking forward to seeing this Zom-Rom-Com.  I'd heard a couple positive reviews so I looked past the possible Twilight-baiting that was likely behind the greenlighting of this movie and suggested we watch it this afternoon.

I really liked it. The premise is a bit twisted but it was fun and funny from start to finish.  It is an incredibly unique take on the zombie genre, crossing it with the latest craze of monster/teenager romance.  It works, at least for me.

If you dismissed it because of the ridiculous premise, I'd recommend another look.

Daddy Daughter Day!

Well, more like Daddy Daughter Morning.  Paige and I went out to do some shopping and go for a walk while Jen relaxed in a much deserved bath.  Gotta say, I'm LOVING the B.O.B. stroller.  It is a breeze.  We discovered a new park nearby and it has plenty of interesting things for Paige to see.

Of course, we got lots of attention as everyone wants to see the baby and I am, of course, tickled to show her off.  But something quickly became quite clear.  Our decision to leave the gender a mystery right up to delivery exposed a universal truth: There is no such thing as gender neutral colouring.  Pink clothing means it's a girl and ANY other colour means it's a boy.

Ah well, the mystery was worth correcting a few errant assumptions.  And everyone agrees that she's the cutest.  It was a good morning.

Saturday, 25 May 2013


Look at that face.  Is that not a face of complete contentment?  If you knew that just minutes before this picture was taken she had let loose a series of very loud and very wet toots, would you not think that this face then signifies ultimate satisfaction in the completion of all gaseous transactions?  That's certainly how I interpreted it.

I gave it a few more minutes to be safe.  All was quiet.  Alright then, time to assess the damage.  I peeled back a corner of the diaper and confirmed I was dealing with an all out poop tsunami.

I stepped back, took a deep breath, steeled myself for the task at hand, and then stepped back into the fray.  I'm still new to this but the past five days have honed my diaper changing skills to a competent level.  I had my wipes at the ready, the new diaper on deck, and the cream container uncapped.  I grasped her ankles, lifter her lower body, removed and folded the offending diaper, and began the extensive cleanup with the wipes.

This is when I discovered that the look pictured above wasn't one of contentment on completing an arduous task.  That was a look expressing the successful formulation of a scheme to cover her daddy in poop.  She wasn't done pooping.  Not even close.  But at the moment that picture was taken she knew she could hold the rest of the load.  Hold it until daddy least expected it.  When the diaper was off and daddy thought the worst of it was over.  Then, and only then, would she strike!

And I have to hand it to her, it was a very good plan and executed perfectly.  I would have been proud of her if I hadn't been trying to stem the flow of poop with my foot while my hands were doing their best to keep every other item in the vicinity clear of the slurry onslaught.

I swear I heard her giggle.

Sleep II: Deliverance

Oh we hit the sweet spot last night.  Peanut was on her game.  20 minute feedings, 2-3 hours of sleep, and repeat.  It was the best we've slept all week.  Here's hoping it's just the start of some consistent behaviour.  This we can cope with.

The midwife also visited and Paige is making her weight back in spectacular fashion.  Everything is great, just to match everybody's mood after a very restful night.  With good feeding, good sleep, and a huge thumbs up from the midwife, Jen and I are just so relieved and relaxed.  I think we'll celebrate by taking the BOB out for its maiden voyage!

Oh, Sens. Oh.

We've actually been quite invested in the hockey playoffs this year.  The shortened regular season got a big "meh" but we definitely got swept up in playoff fever.  My beloved Jets just missed out but how could I not cheer for my favourite back-up team, the pesky Ottawa Senators?

The seedings definitely fell in their favour.  I don't think they would have fared well against Boston and, well, we found out in the second round how they would have fared if they had drawn Pittsburgh in the first round.  They went all out against Montreal and it was awesome to see them come through to the second round.  Could they pull off a miracle and defeat the number 1 seed in the East?


Last night put an end to their season.  And it was finished with an exclamation point.  They over-achieved through the regular season and stepped it up in the first round but they were absolutely obliterated by the high powered Pittsburgh Penguins.  Ah well.  Not too disappointed.  It looks like there will be plenty of entertaining hockey through to the final.  Really looking forward to watching a Pittsburgh/Boston Eastern final.  And friggin Detroit is set to totally blow up my hockey pool by taking out Chicago.  I just wish I had watched more of the LA/San Jose series.  I watched a few periods the other night while I was up with Paige and it was fantastic.

If only the Sens could have taken out Matt Cooke before heading to the golf course.

Friday, 24 May 2013


She takes her naps very seriously!


With our erratic schedule right now, staying on diet has been tougher.  Easy trumps healthy almost every time.  I actually had time to think about lunch today so I decided to cook up some tofurky hot dogs that I had purchased last week.  Yah, it was pretty gross.  Both visually and texturally.  It was like a compressed log of pureed chick peas.  Aside from the tofu "Ground Round", tofu substitutes have consistently let me down.  I think I'll move on from that ingredient.


Still trying to nail down a sleep schedule.  Jen does find herself nursing Paige all on her own down in the living room from time to time while I'm grabbing some z's.  The cats have discovered that Jen is more vocal than mobile in this position.  They have taken this as an opportunity to chew on plants and scavenge across the entire kitchen counter all while ignoring Jen's threats.

In order to correct this insolent behaviour, I have purchased this!

Payback is going to be a bitch!

Thursday, 23 May 2013


Rough night for mom and baby. Trying to fill in for a bit.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


So here we are, two days into parenthood.  I should recap a bit.  We were called in to be induced first thing Monday morning.  The birth room we were assigned to was fantastic.  It was huge!  Private bathroom with whirlpool tub, a rocking chair, a lounging area, a baby bathing area, and all the pieces of equipment necessary to make you feel confident that any eventuality would be taken care of promptly and professionally.

Jen was put on an IV and started on the inducing drug around 9:15.  Then we waited for shit to happen.  Not much happened for the next 4 hours.  But around 1:00 shit got real.  Contractions came fast and hard.  For the next 8 hours they never really let up.  And Jen was an absolute superhero through it all.  She took in every contraction and breathed out all the pain.  She was amazing.  It hurt to watch her endure this and not be able to take any of it away.  I did what I could to help but it was The Jen Show from start to finish.  I am in complete awe of her.

Our plan was to aim for a natural birth but roll with whatever factors came up and make decisions based on our midwife's advice.  That plan got thrown right out the window with the induction.  We were in the nurses' hands across two shifts, had a special guest appearance by the obstetrician and 3 of her friends right at the end, and then had care transferred back to the midwife after the birth.  We were disappointed that the midwife we had spent so much time with up to this point wasn't involved but we can't say enough about the staff at Grand River Hospital. They were always encouraging and supportive and gave us options when we needed them.  If we ever go for Kid #2, we would have zero hesitation to have that birth in the same environment.

Jen didn't get through the birth completely unscathed.  There was some repair work done.  We stayed the night just to be safe.  There wasn't much sleep.  We had our brand new Paige in the room with us and any slight noise had us up and checking on her.  We eventually got home and we started our life as a family from there.

Jen and I have been trading sleep shifts here and there but she's the one with all the baby food.  We're working on it and the support from the midwife post birth has been great.  And sitting at home, with this wonderful creature that we made, lying on my chest, my world shifted.  It's all about her now.  It's impossible not to think about the future.  About schools and friends and, lord help me, boyfriends.  I want her to experience the best of it all while I protect her from the worst of it.  The pressure of all those impending obligations and responsibilities is undeniable.  But all it takes is for her to turn her head and look up at me and I know I will do anything for this jewel, this peanut of ours.  Our Paige.

Here we go!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Papa TBone

We are parents! Say hello to Paige Emily Londry.  I'll have more to say later and I apologize for not emailing everybody. Everybody is good, everybody is tired but healthy. Whooo!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Iron Man 3

Well, we played our final card for getting Peanut to come out on his/her own.  My brother-in-law was adamant that a trip to the movie theater was a lock for getting labour going.  Nope.  Peanut remains stubbornly in place.

But on the up side, we did get to see Iron Man 3!  What a blast.  Maybe not as good as the first one but far superior to Iron Man 2.  I'm a big fan of Shane Black's work and its nice to see the Marvel universe give this guy a chance.  Much like Joss Whedon, he writes snappy and funny dialogue but very nice to see he has the chops to put together some awesome action sequences as well.

It would have been easy to trot somebody out there to make 90 minutes of the Iron Man suit kicking ass but they really did a good job of making the drama about how Stark doesn't always have the suit and how he copes without it.  Great movie.  So glad we saw something good to remove the stanky aftertaste of G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

Now back to waiting...

Saturday, 18 May 2013


So, as promised, we watched A Good Day to Die Hard.  And this put the final nail in the coffin for Rotten Tomatoes as any sensible source for movie selection.  This is a bad movie, to be sure.  But it doesn't come close to the absolute retardedness of The Last Stand.

Just to recap, A Good Day to Die Hard got a 15% on Rotten Tomatoes while The Last Stand got an unbelievable 59%!!!  This isn't Rotten Tomatoes fault, I know.  It merely aggregates the critics' reviews to give a quick reference on what the general consensus is on a movie.  So the vast majority of critics seemed to be horribly offended that this latest installment in the Die Hard franchise strayed too far from the core principles of the first film.  While giving an overall positive endorsement to the worst thing I've ever seen Arnold Schwarzenegger in because, I guess, they missed him so much?

It doesn't make any sense.  But it's clear I can't use Rotten Tomatoes anymore.

As for Die Hard V, it had good pacing, some great car stunts, and it didn't spend a lot of time hammering on the emotional development of John McClane or his son.  It's true there's very little that ties this movie back to the world of Die Hards I, II, and III, but it's sure as hell more grounded in reality than Die Hard IV.

It's stupid, dumb, enjoyable action.  And it's exactly the kind of movie we should have watched two nights ago.


STILL no Peanut!  We were a week late yesterday so we had some appointments scheduled to see how Peanut was doing in there.  This also kicked off my 3 week "paternity" leave from work which feels friggin awesome.  But, yah, Peanut.

First up was the ultrasound.  I wasn't invited into this session so I got to spend an hour in the waiting room while Jen got poked and prodded and covered in lube.  I was absolutely horrified to listen in on one particular family dynamic.  Some 20 year old punk was there with his mom and sister and significant other and was actually pissed to find out he was going to have a girl.  He was throwing an all out hissy fit in front of all the female members of his family and the rest of the waiting room.  It was disgusting.  I felt so bad for his future daughter.  God I hate people.

While I was resisting the urge to choke the life out of someone, Jen was having her own fun.  Peanut was not playing nice for the ultrasound tech.  The tech needed some specific poses for this biophysical profile but Peanut was having none of it.  Unfortunately that meant Jen would have to endure some abuse as the tech tried to externally manipulate Peanut's position.  It was an hour of fun for the whole family.

We finally got out of there and had a couple hours to relax before meeting our midwife at Grand River Hospital to find out the ultrasound results and consult with the obstetrician on duty on when we would look at inducing birth.

Jen got hooked up to a baby monitor and we sat and watched the graph for an hour.  Peanut was going nuts.  After an hour of no movement at the ultrasound, Peanut looked to be tunneling right through Jen's belly button.  But we sat and watched.  Then the midwife came back and said baby was being TOO active.  Jesus, this was getting ridiculous.  So Jen spent another hour trying different positions and sipping water, trying to get Peanut to relax enough to get the midwife's stamp of approval.

Peanut did ultimately quiet down but the obstetrician was no longer available because he was off doing a c-section.  So we waited some more.  Finally, 3 hours into this visit, we met the obstetrician.  He seems to be a dick so hopefully we don't have to deal with him again.  But the bottom line was that Peanut is doing fine and Jen is progressing normally.  Everything is going good but we don't want Peanut in there forever so we're looking at inducing labour on Monday if nothing pops out this weekend.  Great.  3 hours of waiting around just to make another appointment.  Just like with my blood pressure adventures, the worst part of being at a hospital is just the waiting around.

So we have the weekend to make this happen!  Otherwise we're facing another long day at the hospital.  But either way we're looking forward to finally meeting this little trouble maker.

Friday, 17 May 2013

What's TBone Drinking?

A watermelon wheat beer from Kensington. Interesting. Nice light summer beer.  I'd never order it again but, hey, I can say I've had watermelon beer now.

The Last Stand

Still waiting.  My sister's theory that merely booking a late term ultrasound is enough to initiate labour has been thoroughly debunked.  So we're hanging out last night, staring at Jen's belly, and decided we needed a distraction.  Some lightweight, actiony type movie to take our mind off Peanut's epic hide-and-seek skills.

We looked around and it seemed like we really only had two options.  Either the ongoing disintegration of a once epic franchise, A Good Day to Die Hard, OR the ongoing disintegration of a once epic action star, The Last Stand.  I had heard scathing reviews of both but something inside me was saying that there was a chance some dumb fun could be had.  But that internal voice wasn't helpful in making a final choice.  So we went to Rotten Tomatoes.

A Good Day to Die Hard = 15%
The Last Stand = 59%

Well alright.  Last Stand it is.  Let's see what Arnie has left in the tank.

Not much.  This is a horrible movie.  An absolute atrocity.  Stupid from start to finish.  Arnie looks wrinkled and puffy at the same time.  This movie ruined any possibility of me watching another Schwarzenegger film.

Now I've been down on a number of movies recently and my insightful reviews of "It was stupid" don't paint much of a gradient from Bad Movie to Epic Travesty.  But I need to try harder here so you really know just how bad this flick was.  I am Lead Heckler in this household.  I am my own Mystery Science Theater 3000. Jen will not watch certain movies or TV shows with me because I am relentless in my play-by-play mocking of the on-screen stupidity.  But THIS movie had Jen taking center stage.  JEN was the one yelling at the screen "WHY?  WHY WOULD HE DO THAT?  THAT'S SO STUPID!!!".

There were attempts at comedy in this movie but the only times I laughed were when Jen was raging out.  So I guess it did provide some entertainment.  But seriously, don't ever watch this movie.

But this really makes me question the value of Rotten Tomatoes as a guide for movie selection.  We have to watch A Good Day to Die Hard now.  We have to.  It's inconceivable that any movie could be THAT much worse than The Last Stand.  If it turns out that A Good Day to Die Hard is, in fact, 44 points worse than The Last Stand, hey, we'll suck it up and move on.  But I'm pretty sure we'll find out they are both terrible movies and that Rotten Tomatoes is useless.

Thursday, 16 May 2013


Still no Peanut!  The due date of a child seems relatively arbitrary so I know we shouldn't be getting too worked up that the kid didn't show up exactly on this one particular date.  But still.  Come on already.

So we had a follow up with our midwife yesterday to check on progress and fill us in on the plan going forward.  Part of this appointment was going to be a procedure called The Sweep.  I'll let you google that for the finer details.  I excused myself from the room before the procedure started.  Just seemed kind of wrong for me to be peering over the midwife's shoulder as she man-handled my wife's cervix.  Besides, it would have been irresistible for me not to let loose some curling-type commentary through the procedure "SWEEP! HURRY!  HURRY HARD!  SWEEEEEEEEP!!!!!".

Anyways, the results of the procedure were quite promising.  Things have been progressing.  It's just a matter of time.  We have an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow to determine whether we need to speed things up a bit but we think Peanut won't need much external coaxing.  When Peanut's ready, he or she will show up.  Until then, we wait. 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


I love checking the web stats on this site.  It gets some crazy hits now and then from places like the Ukraine or China.  Looking at the search phrases that got them to my site can be very entertaining at times.

Turns out if you google "fuckin leafs", my site comes up on the first page!  Nice.  Less surprising that the phrase "beer aberlour girlfriend jen" also gets me on the first page.


We have that midwife appointment this afternoon so I've had to shift my work day a bit.  In at 6, leave at 3.  Didn't really get to bed early enough due to my sick fascination of watching the Sens getting pummeled by the Pens.  So I was dragging a bit this morning.  Fuck it, I decided, I'm having a real coffee.  And it is so delicious.  Good God, coffee is so much better when there's a week or two between cups.  Yum.


Become a possibilitarian. No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see possibilities always see them, for they're always there.
-- Norman Vincent Peale preacher, author

Without question, my child will be raised as a devout possibilitarian.  If he/she ever shows up.  I'm assuming the first step in becoming a possibilitarian is Duplo.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Peanut on Pause

Still no Peanut.  Little goober is taking his/her time.  So I'm still at work.  Half-heartedly moving lines around on a computer screen while constantly checking my phone.  Jen's got a midwife appointment tomorrow to try and, um, instigate things.  We'll see how that goes.

Sunday, 12 May 2013


So, what do you do when you're waiting for a baby to show up?  If the weather is nice you head out for a walk.  Saturday we drove up to Milverton and walked around for a bit.  The town has everything we would need and it just feels comfortable.  There's nothing that isn't within walking distance and, coming from a town of 5,000 people, it has that homey vibe that I don't have in the suburbs of Kitchener.

We had lunch at the local pub and were very impressed.  Looks like a great breakfast place too.  That pretty much nailed it.  House hunting can commence.

Then the rain started.  Movie time!  First up was a movie that Jen has been practically drooling to see: Parker.  This Statham flick had promise as a kick ass heist/revenge flick.  But somebody producing that movie had a serious hard-on for Jennifer Lopez and blew up the script to jam an entirely unnecessary character into the mix.  I spent the last hour of this movie on the edge of my seat yelling at the TV "WHY?".  Do not watch this movie.

Next I started digging around Netflix  for something to watch.  I landed on Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  Now what would your expectations be for a movie with that title?  For me, I was expecting a metric tonne of pure grade cheez.  But for such a ridiculous premise, I can't call this movie cheezy.  If they had executed this movie with even the smallest wink to the audience, I would have hated it.  Likewise, if the special effects had come up short, I would have turned it off well short of the midway point.  But they did this entire movie with a straight face and with CG effects that actually impressed.  Every time Abraham Lincoln twirled his silver bladed axe in anticipation of sending another vampire to hell, I laughed out loud.  I was shocked to find I actually liked this movie, if only for its sheer audacity.  And I was completely sober when I watched it!

Finally, based on several positive recommendations, we watched End of Watch.  I had dismissed this movie based solely on its cover image.  It just looked like another "cops on the street, dealing with the thin blue line" style movie.  I've seen Training Day, I didn't need to watch it again.  But this movie is definitely different.  Great dialogue and acting.  They do a great job of framing the partners as best friends as well as dedicated to their job.  The filming takes an inconsistent approach to the "found footage" shaky cam style of camera work and this would infuriate me in a lesser movie.  But all cinematic sins are forgiven for the powerful story they end up telling.  I should have wrapped my blood pressure cuff on for the last 20 minutes to chart how the tension was ramping up my blood pressure.  This is a can't miss movie.  Avengers is still my favourite movie of 2012 but this is a close second.  Phenomenal.

But we're still waiting for Peanut to show up.  Should be an interesting week!

Friday, 10 May 2013

Due Date!

Well, today's the day we were told shit's supposed to go down.  Got a feeling we'll be going a little late.  Peanut has started dropping but isn't in any big hurry.  Can't say I blame him/her.  That can't be an enjoyable trip.  I expressed how I felt bad for Peanut having to squeeze his/her noggin through that tiny opening.  Jen's reaction was something along the lines of "POOR PEANUT?!?  WHAT ABOUT ME?!?".  I patted her head and promised to buy her an ice cream after.  That didn't help.

So it's a waiting game from here on out.  We'll keep you posted!

Thursday, 9 May 2013


Got my new bumper sticker from Cafe Press!


I'm always amazed to see that Wade Redden is still playing hockey.  Huh.  Good for him!

Also, no peanut yet.  Due date is tomorrow!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Revision 3 looks like a winner.  Lower profile, cardboard top, head height spout.  Timmay figured it out pretty quick.  And Rocky...  Well.  We love Rocky.  But he's not the sharpest tack in the box.  He still wants to put his head UNDER the stream of water but he's making progress.

Also, no peanut yet.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013


One day I hope to work with professionals.  People who do their work with pride and just a smattering of competence.  One day.


Timmay has been very confused by the new waterer.  He still goes and checks under the tap expecting the water even though there's this stream of water right beside him.  Finally got him to take a drink from the tube but he still refuses to sit on the platform.

As you can see there's also noticeable splashing happening that will destroy that mdf top.  More revisions tonight!

Also no Peanut yet.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Agua Para Gatos

We and the Robickles suffer from severe cases of feline enslavement.  In a world where we are supposedly the dominant species, we find ourselves obediently turning on the bathroom faucet in our house or freshening one of the dozen drinking glasses placed throughout the Robickle household. It really is a remarkable feat of evolution.

Anyways, we were discussing this situation not long ago and we agreed that a pressure sensitive plate that turned on a spout would be an ideal solution.  A self-serve kitty waterer.  Got me thinking and, since my spare time is filled mostly with waiting for Peanut to show up, I started hobbling parts together.

First step was teeing into the nearest water supply:

Finding the right valve took some figuring out.  I wanted to stay away from anything electrical.  McMaster-Carr had something that looked like it would do the job but they wouldn't ship it to my house.  Ended up using a pneumatic valve from good old Princess Auto:

Slapped that on a box and rigged up a wire hoop to support the drinking tube:

And the cats hated it.  Wanted nothing to do with it.  Crap.  Back to the drawing board.  Maybe reposition the tube so it's more like a drinking fountain?

The cats remain unimpressed:

Ah well, I'll continue fine tuning.  I insist these animals use this thing!

Peanut Update!

No Peanut yet.  The waiting game is on.  We have 4 days until due date and Peanut has proven to be quite comfortable in his/her current accommodations.  This could go long.  I'm expecting next weekend to be full of spicy foods, castor oil, and deep squats as we try every old wives tale out there to try and coax Peanut of his/her shell.  I've been informed that more frequent status updates are required so I'll be doing that daily.  Tick tock.

Thursday, 2 May 2013


Sorry for all the geek talk, here's a funny video!

Nerd Talk Today!

Coding used to be a big part of my job.  Did a lot of stuff in Perl, some C, some Java.  My crowning achievement was setting up my own server at home to run a hockey pool, scraping the ESPN web site for nightly stats, updating a database, and serving the results to a web page that the hockey pool participants could check for their standings.  But the last 7 years have been pretty dry.  I do some stuff here and there for my dad's company but not much else.

I still get the itch now and then though, so when the sleep clinic tech handed me a sheet of paper and said I had to track major sleep events over two weeks, I thought there must be a better way.  I couldn't see myself carrying around this piece of paper and a pencil to mark down every time I went to bed or had a meal or took a leak.  The only thing I carry around with me 24 hours a day is my phone so that seemed like the best spot to record this info.

My first thought was that there surely must be an app out there to track these things.  Nope.  So then I thought this would be a great opportunity to learn how to write an app for Android.  But I realized that such a project would more than likely absorb more time than I had available between now, Peanut's birth, and my return to the sleep clinic in a month.

So, something simple to track these events that's readily available on my phone.  A spreadsheet made sense and Google has their Docs platform available on the web and on Android as part of Google Drive.  The spreadsheet component is pretty basic but I thought it might do the trick.  I duplicated the grid layout that was on my sleep diary sheet and added dropdown lists to select from the standard codes they had defined for sleep affecting events.  But I needed a way to automatically time stamp each entry.  I just wanted to pick a code, hit enter, and have the entry time stamped so I could transcribe it to the sleep clinic's sheet later.

That's when I found that Google Drive has a whole scripting component that I had no idea about.  It's their server-side implementation of VBA.  I was fascinated and spent a couple hours digging through their API and hobbling together a script to do just what I wanted.  I was quite pleased with myself.

Until this morning.  I was just sitting down at my desk and I was still thinking about the sleep diary.  I did a little more digging and found out about Forms in Google Drive.  Within 5 minutes I had a simpler, cleaner, more accessible solution than what took 2 hours the night before.  Felt kind of deflated after the coding high from the night before but I still marvel at how easily solutions to modern "problems" can be fabricated.

Thanks for listening.  And for the 2 people out there who might find this topic interesting, I highly recommend checking out Google Drive scripting.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Sleep Clinic

So sleep clinic happened last night.  Not an enjoyable evening out.  Check your pride at the door, basically.  If it was a one-on-one session with the technician, it might not have been so bad.  But you get sensored up in this hallway with all the other patients and techs.  Super.  

I didn't get enough sleep the night before so I was actually hoping that I'd sleep through the night OK.  No such luck.  I don't know how anybody gets sleep when they're wired, head to toe, and plugged into the wall like some lab experiment.  It's not comfortable.  I got a solid 4 hours of sleep though and the tech seemed happy enough with that.  Now I have to wait 4 weeks to see what my results actually mean.

I had to fill out a couple questionnaires before going to "sleep" last night and, based on a lot of the questions, it didn't sound like I was seeing strong symptoms for sleep apnea.  Certainly none of the traits of insomnia or narcolepsy.  But I'm definitely in a category that would be prone to sleep apnea so we'll see what the results are.  I'm actually kind of hoping that the results are positive to really nail this blood pressure thing.

In the meantime, I wait.  Luckily we'll soon have Peanut around to take my mind off of it.  Good times.