Sunday, 21 April 2013

What's TBone Not Watching

I am definitely not watching Hemlock Grove.  This is a new series of original content created for Netflix.  Reviews were mixed but one described it as a gorier True Blood.  That was intriguing so I turned on the first episode.  The opening scene was of a girl getting it on with a guy in a car.  The boobies were appreciated so I continued watching.  We then transition to a high school class where the girl from the car is now hitting on her female English teacher.  Hmm, lesbianism.  Very promising.  Then, on her way to hook up with her teacher, her car is attacked by some unseen monster.  She runs and hides in some shed.  Of course the monster finds her and we are treated to a scene of her screaming and being dragged out of this shed.  And then a close up of her hand grasping desperately to the door jamb but ultimately losing her grip as one of her finger nails gets torn completely out of her finger.



Too much for me.  I've watched horrific things in other movies.  Truly disgusting things.  Things I will forbid my future child from ever watching.  But that image of the finger nail was about 500 yards past my limit.

Hopefully Netflix keeps bringing us content outside of the established network system but this one is getting a pass from me.

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  1. As soon as I saw your note on the gore I said..hey Jodes!!! We gotta see this..yeah well that was a bust lol.Horrible saved brain cells by turning off early :)