Sunday, 21 April 2013


Oh my, how my life has changed.  Just a month ago, if somebody had suggested I go out to dinner at a vegetarian restaurant, I would have laughed heartily in their face and gone back to eating a burger.  But things are different now.  So, when the Schmeckalowskis invited us out to a dinner at Zen Gardens in Cambridge, I accepted the challenge whole heartedly.

I was expecting a sparse meal that would leave me unfulfilled and eyeing the nearest Wendy's.  But I was wrong.  I ordered spring rolls, some tofu sushi, and something called "Teryaki Mushroom Cutlets".  All of these were delicious.  And so much food for not much money.  I barely touched the cutlets because I was already full.  And everybody else's meals looked just as good (except for the eggplant, yech).

So, my culinary world is expanding.  Zen Gardens is a chain, so if you have one in your area and you're looking for something different, definitely give it a try.

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