Wednesday, 24 April 2013


My hands have been killing me.  I've been in the shop quite a bit this last week and I'm constantly washing my hands with abrasive soap and drying them under that friggin jet stream of a hand dryer.  I am the poster child for dry skin.  There is a skin conditioner in the bathroom but I've been pretty wary of it since taking a face full from it the other day.  Jen has some "lady's" hand cream at home but I question its effectiveness.  So when Jen went out shopping last night, I begged her to pick up some normal hand cream.  Something designed for MEN!

And she exceeded expectations.  She came back with a BLACK bottle from Vaseline with the words FOR MEN blazoned across the front in bold, red font.  Yes!  No silky, potpourri smelling ridiculousness for my hands.  This would do the job and be quick about it.

One problem.  It reeks.  Apparently Vaseline thinks a manly hand cream should smell like a teenager who has recently discovered Axe Body Spray.  I'm driving in to work this morning and my eyes are watering from the vapors coming up off my hands.  It's worse than how I imagine the cast of Jersey Shore smells.  I'm going to go see if I can cut the smell with some transmission oil.


  1. 2 choices.
    1st: Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream. Fragrance Free version.
    2nd: Glysomed. Again, fragrance free version.

  2. I had a similar issue with shaving cream. Who the hell thinks shit like that smells good?

  3. Jeff uses some hemp-based handcream my mom gets him from Body Shop. It's not too smelly, but you can try it in store to see if it's offensive.

    We also have some stuff from Lee Valley Tools that comes in a square metal tin. It's got sort of a beeswax smell but not bad and it works.

    Will you laugh at me if I suggest that your workplace should have some barrier cream to put on before you begin work that would help?