Sunday, 14 April 2013


Baby shower was yesterday.  I wasn't invited but I did manage to get some pics as I dropped off Jen.

Many thanks to Andrea and Dawn for organizing and to Jen's parents for hosting.  And to everyone for the great gifts!  We managed to fill the truck and we are fully prepared for Peanut's arrival.


  1. Seriously awesome spread. Everything was so well thought out. You have some great people surrounding you guys.

  2. You guys are so welcome!! Estelle and her friends did a fantastic job on the food as well. It was nice to meet your family (hi, Megan!) and of course wee Alice, who was so well-mannered!

    I'm only a LITTLE choked that the diaper cake didn't rate a photo. With a Jets duckie and EVERYTHING!

    I'm happy Jennay finally relented and let us do this for her - we're so excited for the new arrival!!

    All the exclamation points!!

    1. Sorry I missed getting a diaper cake photo Dawn. It was definitely worthy. I will post pictures as the diaper cake gets used and of course the first bath with duckie too.

      I did get pictures of all the onesies. I'll post those at a later date. Thanks again!