Sunday, 14 April 2013


Standards for viewing entertainment don't get much lower than on a Sunday afternoon.  Priest happened to pop up on the What's New list on Netflix. It only came out in theaters a couple years ago and it starred some legitimate name actors so how bad could it be?  Ninja Priest Vampire Killer, that's how bad. The 5 minute opening scene had me laughing out loud as they laid out this ridiculous premise.

I watched the whole thing. I can say that much.  But I watched through widened eyes and with mouth agape as I wondered at how such a thing ever got greenlit past the scripting stage.

For such a bad movie, it scores surprisingly low on the cheez factor. It's a fine looking production with decent special effects and performances. But it would take a miracle of movie making to overcome that ninja priest premise.  Ah well, still a better vampire movie than Twilight.

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