Monday, 29 April 2013

Pre-Peanut Party

Time is ticking down.  Any day now, we could become parents.  Our lives will change drastically.  We will be responsible for the health and well being of a tiny, defenseless creature 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  I think we're pretty prepared for that.  I know there won't be time for self-indulgent things like Playstation or movie marthons or binge drinking.  But until Peanut shows up, we're indulging away!

This was our pre-birth date weekend.  We had movie passes to shows and gift cards to The Keg and if we didn't use them now, it might be years before we get another chance.  So off we went to the theatre.  

Timing could have been better.  There's not much out for movies at the moment.  The big, event movie right now is Oblivion and, with no other viable options, we rolled the dice on that one.  Now, I'm not a Tom Cruise hater.  Everything I read about Scientology skeeves me out and it's impossible not to know that Tom Cruise is like some Grand Dragon in that little club house.  But when he's on screen I don't think about his personal life.  Unlike Mel Gibson.  So I'll give him a chance in almost anything.  And he's alright in this one.  Running and dodging and chasing, he fits the character.  That's fine.  And the movie looks incredible.  All the money is right on the screen.  Simply beautiful.  But it is so boring.  Easily a half hour too long.  And plot holes all over the place.  Really, the script is the big loser in this one.  Some interesting concepts but not enough to save the big mistakes.

And then it was dinner time.  Easily the highlight of the weekend.  After a month of salads and fish and ground turkey, it was time for a full blooded fucking steak.  And The Keg knows how to do a steak.  I know it's not fine cuisine but you just can't beat them for beef.  I behaved on the appetizer (spinach salad) and side dish (baked potato) but the blue cheese/roasted garlic crusted filet I had was all out decadence. Freaking amazing.  And I topped that dinner off with a full caffeinated coffee to boot.  Completely unhealthy but completely awesome.  Many thanks to the Robickles and Smelliotts and Bonfocos for their wedding gifts which we were finally able to enjoy on, what turned out to be, our 6 month anniversary.

Sunday was a much lazier day but we still had 2 more movie passes to burn.  And now we had a really tough decision to make.  After Oblivion, what do you watch?  Take a look right now at the movie listings and tell me what you would have gone to see.  Dawn and Jeff were a little late with their enthusiastic endorsement of Pain and Gain, so we literally said "Fuck it" and went and saw G.I. Joe: Retaliation.  Yup.  I was desperately hoping it could pass itself off as just some stupid fun but it ended up just being stupid.  So stupid.  The only good thing I can say about it is that it's not as stupid as the first G.I. Joe movie.  I could write an entire book, detailing the stupidity on display in each scene.  But it's not worth it.  Don't see this movie.  Ever.

Then, as penance for the steak dinner and the bucket of buttery salt I had at G.I. Joe, it was time for a nice, healthy vegetarian dinner.  I made a mushroom and leek galette.  Sounds fancy eh?  It's basically a mushroom, leek pie.  And I spent a good portion of the day processing, rolling, folding, and stretching the dough for this thing.  Not to mention washing and chopping a sink full of crazy expensive mushrooms.  And the end result looked great.  Like it was right out of a cooking show.  I was quite pleased with myself.  The only thing with a mushroom and leek galette though is that you REALLY have to like mushrooms and leeks to get through one of these things.  Jen bailed after a couple bites.  I managed to eat 90% of my piece with each bite becoming progressively more difficult to process.  So, ultimately, completely healthy and completely disappointing.  Meh, should stick to salads I guess.

So that was our big weekend.  We did zero baby stuff and just had fun.  It was really good to step back and take a deep breath before diving into parenthood.  There's a possibility that next weekend could be all about us again but if Peanut shows up early that'll be fine too.  I just hope G.I. Joe: Retaliation isn't the last movie I see in theatres for the next two years.

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