Friday, 19 April 2013

Half Day

So, 11:00 a.m. last Friday the power went out at work.  We shot the shit amongst ourselves for about half an hour.  Eventually the CEO came back to our office and said "You guys might as well head home".  Cool!  We hightailed it out of there as quick as we could lest the power miraculously returned before we swiped out.  That was a great afternoon.  Zero guilt about unfinished projects.  What can you do?  The power's out!

So THIS Friday afternoon we're working away and one of the ladies in accounting comes back and says "Do you guys know they docked us a half day vacation for that power outage?".  No, we did not know that.  Everybody scrambles to look up their on-line vacation form and, sure enough, we're all a half day short.

I'm not terribly upset about this but it seems kind of implied that when the CEO comes around and says "Take the afternoon off", he's saying that we're being given half a day off on the company.  Seemed like a stand up thing to do rather than making us sit around for the day and surf the internet on our phones.  Now it seems a little duplicitous and chintzy.  Ah well.  Those 3 weeks off after Peanut arrives are going to be that much sweeter.

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  1. OY. That's just not right. Do you get any time off for when baby comes? I think dad's here get like a day or something. I'm assuming the 3 weeks is vacation?