Friday, 26 April 2013

GO JETS G.... ach never mind

It was a night of conflict in the ole TBone household.  The Jets needed to win their last game of the season and hope that either the New York Rangers or Ottawa Senators lost their last two or three games respectively.  The only game on TV was Ottawa vs. Washington, so I found myself in the awkward position of cheering AGAINST my old team, the Senators.  Of course, my darling wife is still a true Sens Fan so there was a lot of yelling at the TV and at each other.  Our child will come to learn many bad words through the next hockey season.

I was scoreboard checking on my phone through the game and was crushed when the Rangers won their game in OT.  The Jets were even with Montreal so they were still in it.  They just needed the Sens to LOSE.  Again and again.  But they didn't.  They won with a Sergei Gonchar slapshot in overtime.  And with that the Jets season was over.

Being so close makes it that much more disappointing.  The honeymoon is over with getting the Jets back in Winnipeg.  Now we expect playoffs.  There is a tradition in Winnipeg of fruitless and crushing playoff runs but at least they were IN the playoffs.  Ah well, being that close does give hope that some tweaking will get the team there next year.

In the meantime, I guess I have to dust off my old Sens jersey and throw my full support behind Ottawa.  We are once again a household unified in the support of the Sens.  For the next 8 weeks anyways.

Go Sens Go!

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