Friday, 5 April 2013

Drug Problem II

I don't think I've ever had a prescription as an adult.  Not once.  I'm familiar with the concept.  I do watch TV and House's many exploits with prescription pads had given me, what I thought was, a thorough understanding of how the process worked.  I was introduced to the non-fiction process a couple weeks ago and everything went according to plan.  The doctor gives me a piece of paper, I give that paper to a pharmacist, I go away for half an hour, I come back and get the medicine.  Done.  Pretty straightforward.

Then the concept of refills was introduced.  Last week the doctor added a new drug and refills for my current drugs.  Still seemed pretty straightforward.  I take the piece of paper to the pharmacist, wait half an hour, then I get the new drug and a couple tickets for refills on the drugs I already have.  Okey dokey.

But this week I didn't get any new drugs.  The doctor just doubled the dose of something I was already taking.  But she gave me a piece of paper and I took that paper to the pharmacist.  The pharmacist takes the paper and says "Okay, should be ready in half an hour".  Fine, I know how this works.  I end up coming back the next day to pick up my additional meds at the pick-up counter.  Except they don't have anything for me.  The assistant says I just have refills on file but they can fill it for me if I want to come back in 15 minutes.  Sure, I think to myself.  I come back in half an hour.  Still nothing for me.  The pharmacist comes over and explains that it is too early to get a refill on my medication.  I have to wait until I'm almost out of what I already have and then come for a refill.  Yes, obviously, but I was given a piece of paper and I gave it to you and you said come back in half an hour.  You didn't say, "Okay, come back when you're almost out of your current prescription", you said "Come back in half an hour".

And I know this process is probably familiar to everybody else but it's new to me and it makes me feel like a complete moron.  It's like being the new kid in school and everybody else already knows where the lunchroom is while you wander the halls aimlessly with your A-Team lunchbox looking for a place to sit.

Anyways, I think I'm on top of it now.  Stupid blood pressure.


  1. Dude, that's not normal at all FYI. Your doctor should have explained that to you. The pharmacist's assistant should have said something when you gave him/her the scrip. The system broke down. THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT.

  2. Can we pretend like it's his fault though? That's always fun.

  3. In all fairness to the system, I guess I could have asked more questions.