Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Keurig is Dead!

Long live the Keurig!  Yes, after five years of delicious service our faithful Keurig coffee brewer has been retired.  The hard water of Kitchener was just too much for it.  No amount of vinegar descaling cycles could save it.  I did my research and was surprised to find that the state of the art for Keurig brewers hadn't advanced too much in the past five years.

I was very happy to find ECS Coffee in the Kitchener area though.  Best deals on brewers and coffee cups that I've found.  I ended up getting the modern version of the model I had just retired.  The difference this time will be bottled water instead of tap water.

I realize this is pushing me into douchebag territory, with my special coffee and my special water for my special coffee.  But the coffee is just so damn good!

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