Monday, 18 March 2013


I was watching Bob's Burgers last night and noticed this in the background of the school science fair scene:

It made me laugh because that was MY seventh grade science fair project.  I had recently discovered how to make a stink bomb and decided to make the magical chemistry of Hydrogen Sulfide the focus of my project.

The entire premise was to set off a stink bomb in the middle of class so all the bristol board background, documentation, speech writing, and presentation practice could easily wait until 11 pm the night before the presentation.

It was truly a terrible science fair project. It was the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree of science fair projects.  But my ace in the hole was that the class selected the best project and not the teacher.  And there were more boys in the class than girls. And they thought making the class smell like rotten eggs was AWESOME!

And that's how my shoddy presentation, which looked every bit like it was hastily constructed the night before, made it to the regional science fair in the gym.

I was very excited. I would be a legend if I managed to set off a stink bomb in the middle of the gym! But the judges didn't even let me light the Bunsen burner.  So without the big finale, I was just some kid explaining the science of rotten egg smells in front of a display that looked like it was project managed by the kid's hamster.

I didn't win. But I still smile when I think about it. It was one of the worst examples of my tendency to procrastinate while being one of my best recoveries from severe procrastination.

Sulfur Smells Bad.

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  1. My sister did her first of two Science Fair projects on the effect of temperature on yeast or something, and she (and her partner) came in second at the big Niagara Region fair.
    I did one of my two on aerodynamics of sail position relative to wind direction or something. I did not win at the Regional fair. Sigh.