Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Picture a plant-wide meeting.  It is announced that our high-tech division will be demonstrating their remote-control rover in front of the crowd of employees in attendance.  I lean over to the slightly younger gentleman to my left and say, "Hey, remember Robocop?  ED-209?  This won't end well."

I got a confused look in reply.

"Come on, ROBOCOP!  Do you remember, they're doing that demo and the robot goes nuts and kills that dude?"

"Never saw it"


Turn to the slightly older gentleman to my right and say "Robocop, right?".

"What about it?"

"You've seen it?"

"Of course!"

"The scene with ED-209 in the boardroom and the skittish dude puts down the gun but the robot keeps saying PUT DOWN YOUR WEAPON?"

"Well, I don't remember EVERY scene!"

That's when I stopped speaking to people at work.  I've been grumpy ever since.

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  1. "I've been grumpy ever since"
    HA HA HA