Friday, 15 March 2013


It looks like the NHL finally got its head out of its ass (as far as divisional alignment) and got Winnipeg out of a South-East division and over to a sensible Mid-West division.  As with any NHL announcement, I was initially outraged at the other changes involved but I think I'll give it a chance and see how it plays out.  I like how the playoff spots are determined but why the hell are the two Florida teams in the "North-East" division?  Trading those two for two of the New York teams would have made a lot more sense.   There definitely would have been an Awesome Division and a Loser Division then though so I can kind of see their point.  And I guess it still makes more sense than the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL's NFC East Division.  So we just have to get through this bastard of a season and everything will be great!


  1. I think the FLA teams are in that division because of the snowbirds. Without Leafs/Habs etc fans attending games in TBL and FLP then the arenas would be even more empty.

    1. Put it that way and I'm surprised he didn't throw Phoenix in there too. Oh, Bettman.