Sunday, 10 March 2013


Out of respect to my dear little sister and her selection of Les Miserables as THE movie of the decade, we are attempting to watch it this afternoon.

We're not doing well.  I've been on the laptop for most of the running time.  Jen has been switching between her phone and doing housework.

There are some highlights.  Anne Hathaway's and Eponine's solos were epic scenes.  Les Mis is a stirring musical and those performances definitely stand out as worthy of the source material.  I'd also say Hugh Jackman does a surprisingly good job in the first act as the runaway convict.

And the rest is a struggle.  I just don't think a straight up film adaptation of a musical works.  I think an adaptation of the novel rather than the musical would have been more interesting to me.  I think my wikipedia surfing of the French Revolution is evidence of that theory.

I'll spare my sister any further criticisms of her favouritest film ever, after Dirty Dancing.  Except maybe one more.  Russel Crowe is terrible in this movie.  Just a bad choice.  Oh, and why do the poor in France speak with Cockney accents?  Weird.


  1. Boooo!!! Boo on you! That is weird about the Cockney accents though. I like this BETTER than Dirty Dancing... maybe...

    1. You're putting Baby in the corner? It was my understanding that NOBODY puts Baby in the corner.

    2. So... how many times have you seen Dirty Dancing then Ty? You can quote from it so it must have been more than once.

    3. Never seen the entire movie. I've never seen Gone With The Wind either but somehow I know the line "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn".

      Stop changing the subject. Les Miserables was Le Terrible.

    4. Yeah, I wanted to watch Gone with the Wind so I could see that one line. It's at the very end of a 4 hour movie! Gah.
      p.s. you should sit down and watch Dirty Dancing from beginning to end. There's only one scene that's pretty terrible and makes me cringe every time. Do you know that there's references to Ayn Rand in that movie? Just saying.