Sunday, 24 March 2013

Lowered Expectations

After Thursday and Friday's drama, Saturday was set up for a nice relaxing day of movie watching.  And we found out there is very little out there we want to watch.  So we adjusted our expectations and set our standards a little lower than usual.

First up was Law Abiding Citizen.  This was never an option before because it failed the Movie-Title-In-The-Dialogue test right in the trailer.  But with the bar lowered I gave it a shot.  Not bad.  Fine for a Saturday afternoon.  You definitely have to check your logical thought processes at the door but it's a fine thriller type movie.

Next we watched Dredd.  This is the totally serious take on Judge Dredd starring Karl Urban.  Not the wise-cracking ridiculousness with Sylvester Stallone and Rob Schneider.  I was very nervous about this one. But I actually kind of liked it.  Very stylish and incredibly gory but great action from start to finish.  Let me repeat the gore part.  So gory.  All CG gore but still very much in your face.  If that doesn't turn you off, I'd recommend it.  Very unique.

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