Monday, 11 March 2013


People have to pay the bills.  I understand that.  You don't always get the job you want.  And you don't always find yourself fully capable of the job you have.  But.  If you find yourself writing for a prime time TV show, in the year 2013, and you look down to find that you have just written "I can't let you do this!  You're in too deep!", do you not have to stop and look at yourself in the mirror?  Is that not the point where you take a breath and realize you are entirely ill-suited for your chosen profession?

And do I, as a semi-regular contributor to an internet blog with readership in the DOUBLE digits, not have to wonder at the spectacularly low bar for employment as a TV writer?  Could I not get a job as a writer for The Mentalist if the only qualification is the ability to retread cop show cliches on a regular basis?

I'm starting my screenplay tonight!  Working title: McGarnigle Goes Too Far!.

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