Sunday, 17 March 2013

Farewell with Food

Our annual tradition of saying so long to our friends, the Bonfocos, was here again today.  Usually it precedes their annual summer trip out west but every now and then it's a "final" goodbye as they get determined about moving out west permanently.  They seem to be adamant that this is another "final" goodbye and that THIS time it's going to stick.  I remain skeptical but we saw them off anyways.

Seeing them off means getting together for brunch at the Ancaster Mill.  And, if the amount of food consumed is proportional to the degree I will miss them, dear sweet Jesus they will be missed. 

"Brunch" happened around 2:30 in the afternoon so there was definitely a different vibe to this sitting.  The crowd in the restaurant was smaller and there seemed to be fewer options but all my favourites were there and a couple new surprises (hello sushi!). 

I carefully monitored my snacking throughout the day to ensure I had maximized hunger for 2:30.  It's a hefty price tag for this brunch and wanted to get the most for my dollar.  Mission accomplished.  I couldn't eat another thing.  Not even a wafer thin mint.

But we do wish the Bonfocos our best as the voyage west once more.  We'll miss those guys.  They may be homeless but they are good peeps. 

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