Thursday, 7 February 2013

Super Bowl!

Well, the football season had to come to an end at some point.  Might as well do it in style.  Yup we were back down to the Allenses multi-media megaplex for this year's Super Bowl.  Didn't really care for either team.  The Kaepernick thing got old but quick.  And Ray Lewis, man.  I really don't need to hear him speak ever again.  But it was my overall disgust with the antics of Jim Harbaugh that had me cheering for Baltimore.  So, yah, good game!  The only other reason to stay up late on a school night was to see the much hyped but oft disappointing Super Bowl commercials.  And the streak of shitty commercials continues.  People are spending millions of dollars for this air time but they can't afford a focus group to tell them these things aren't very funny.  Ah well, we were fortunate to have an entertaining game erupt after it looked like it was going to be a rout.  It'll be a long haul until the next season starts but hopefully its enough time for the friggin Dolphins to get their shit together.

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