Saturday, 9 February 2013


Hey, the weather network finally got one right!  A huge snow dump was forecast and we actually got one yesterday.  Went to bed at 11:30 Thursday night and there wasn't a hint of snow.  Wake up 6 hours later to 10 cm's of fluffy stuff.  Not the end of the world but I knew it was going to be a dicey day for driving around.

I was just getting my jacket on to head to work when i hear the plow go by.  Crap, I was minutes away from leaving and avoiding any shoveling.  I guess it was for the best because if I'd left, my pregnant wife would have been stuck clearing a path.  Then again she probably would have just phoned in and said she couldn't make it out of her drive and just avoided work like a sane person.  Anyways, the neighbour and I got a decent opening punched through the snow berm and I headed off to New Hamburg.

This was the first real test of the truck with the new snow tires.  And it did well.  Nothing was plowed between Kitchener and New Hamburg but I never felt like I couldn't make it though anything.  Driving in the truck felt like driving a tank.  It plowed through snow banks like they were gentle summer breezes.  But it was still possible to lose traction and the traction control kicked in a number of times.  A far cry from the supreme winter confidence I had with the Honda CeR-Vix.  You just can't beat all wheel drive and a set of snow tires.

But I made it into work just fine.  Yay.  I honestly felt that because of the blizzard I had triumphed to make it in, every minute I worked was pure bonus for the company.  So I spent a great deal of time watching even more snow come down and dreading the return home to another round of back wrenching and snow plow cursing.

I was just wrapping up for the day when I get a text from Jen "I'm stuck in the driveway".  That's not good.  So back home I head, wondering where exactly in the driveway Jen got stuck.  I had a picture of her teetering, midway over the 4 foot snow bank she had attempted to jump.

The drive home was even worse than the drive to work.  The plows hadn't made much progress.  Once I got to Kitchener I saw at least 3 cars stuck in intersections.  Kitchener snow preparedness is laughable.  I turn down our street and see Jen's car at the foot of the driveway.  Not exactly the comical site I had prepared myself for but she still couldn't move backwards or forwards.  I popped out and we got it dug out and safely tucked away in the garage.  I continued shoveling and eventually got a decent clearing for the truck and continued on to get our neighbour's drive cleared out too (how fucking awesome a neighbour am I?).

Then I sat down.  And I haven't moved much since.  My back's not so great but we got through it.  Snowmageddon '013!  Can't wait for the rain on Monday.


  1. Gotta get those shovelling muscles into gear so that you can make forts for peanut when he/she's older. You can check out our fort for ideas when you're down :)