Thursday, 28 February 2013

Kindness vs. Lateness

I do my best to be a good citizen.  I am jaded and cynical and intolerant of the idiots in the world but I still try and be "a good guy".  If I see an elderly woman struggling to load a case of bottled water into her trunk, I'll help out.  If the neighbour is away over Christmas, I'll shovel their driveway so they don't have to come home to that chore after a long drive.  And I've helped countless people get unstuck from snow drifts.

But all bets are off if I'm running late.

Like this morning.  Look at the end of the driveway and the plow has left an early morning gift for me and the neighbour.  No time to shovel that mess out.  Backed right over it and away I went.  Couldn't do much anyways as I broke our only shovel yesterday.

Making my way out of the neighbourhood, I see a minivan stuck in their driveway and the son is trying to push it out.  Sorry bud.  I'm sure I could have pushed it out or dragged it out with the truck but I had to go.

And the one I really feel bad about is the car in the ditch.  The expressway between Kitchener and New Hamburg is apparently lined with extremely strong electromagnets that are randomly turned on whenever snow is on the ground.  If it's snowing, guaranteed to have at least one car in the ditch on that 20km stretch of road.  And, sure enough, another car somehow made its way into the ditch this morning.  The tracks looked fresh.  I didn't see anybody in the car or in the ditch or on the shoulder.  But I wasn't looking too hard.  I told myself if I'd seen somebody I would have stopped to help.  But I'm 60% sure that was a lie.  Because I was late.  And there was no time to help anybody.

But what was I late for?  I had to get into work early.  Why?  Because I needed to leave work early.  Why?  Because Jen needs the truck to get to her pedicure appointment.

So, to all those people I could have helped today and didn't, I apologize.  For m'lady needs fancy toes.  

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