Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Well, I guess it wouldn't be a snowmobiling weekend if there weren't some kind of mechanical issues.

Took the sled back to the farm today and pulled it off the truck.  Started fine but couldn't get it over 4,000 rpm.  Just bogged down and died.  Sometimes it would backfire but mostly it would just sputter out and die.

I let it warm up for 10 minutes but nothing changed.  It idled fine but it wouldn't rev enough to engage the clutch.  I had planned to boot around the farm a bit before tucking it away in the barn but now I was just stuck in the middle of buddy's yard.  I wasn't going to get it back in the truck and the barn wasn't exactly an achievable goal either.

Luckily, buddy eventually came back home and got me safely towed into the barn.  He's pretty sure it's frozen water in the fuel line somewhere.  We'll give it a week and see.  I guess I should be thankful it happened here and not in the middle of nowhere up in Ottawa.

Anyways, I promised to post a picture of buddy's ski-doo towing my Polaris.  Ugh.  Friggin snowmobiles.

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