Saturday, 5 January 2013

Wind Away

Jen busted up her blackberry phone a while a go.  My smirking knew no bounds.  She has always been quite disdainful of my beloved Nexus S.  Nothing could match the keyboard of the blackberry.  Unless it gets dropped on the asphalt.  I can't count the number of times I've dropped my phone.  I can count the number I've pulled it out of the toilet though.  Once.  And it's still going strong!

But I knew the right thing to do.  As Jen limped along with her damaged phone, I researched phones and plans and ultimately bought her a Blackberry Curve on the Wind network for Christmas.  I've been keen on Wind for quite a while as a true competitor to the stupidity of the Robelus collusion.  $40/month for unlimited talk, text, AND data?  Sign me up.  The only drawback is that they have limited coverage and any time you're out of a "Wind Zone", you go into "Wind Away" mode and get charged for each text and minute of talk.  But their map had complete coverage for Kitchener and Waterloo and Welland and Ottawa and any of our other main destinations.  So, how could I go wrong?

Well, turns out their coverage map isn't what I would call "honest".  After a week of trying to get the most out of this phone, Jen finally had enough.  We had zero coverage in our own house which is CLEARLY in a Wind Zone according to their lying fuck of a map.  And as she went around the region for work, call drops and no service were common.  What a fucking joke.  And I was really pulling for these guys too.

So I tucked my tail between my legs and went to return the phone and cancel service with Wind.  The work-release patient at the Wind desk suggested we set up our new phone before cancelling service so that Jen could keep her phone number.  But then we could come back and return the phone no problem.

Off we went to future shop and got sold on a Samsung Galaxy S II X on Koodo.  Sweet phone.  Jen loves it!  Total Android convert.  They couldn't port the phone number though so that's another thing I'll just blame Wind for.  Now all I had to do was return the Blackberry.

I roll back into the Wind store, hand my special friend the phone, and wait for my money.  "Oh, bad news, sir.  There are 48 minutes of talk time used on the phone so we can't take it back even though it has been less than 14 days."  You can only return phones with less than 30 minutes of talk time.  Un-fucking-real.  Sure.  Whatever.  I'll write that off as a donation to the charity that is RIM.  The important thing is that Wind won't be getting any of our money going forward.

In any case, I've set aside all non-football time tomorrow for crafting a suitable letter to the fucking dick smacks at Wind on how devastatingly let down I was by my first and last Wind experience.

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