Monday, 14 January 2013

Peanut's Place

In true sitcom dad fashion, I have assembled my child's crib!  It was actually pretty straightforward with very few comedic missteps.  I do question the logic of printing the assembly instructions directly on the mattress support frame. I appreciate that this keeps the instructions with the crib forever but would it be so hard to throw in a separate paper copy?
But in any case I can say with satisfaction that my child will not have to sleep on the floor.  Many thanks to Jen's parents for the generous gift. Thanks guys!


  1. I see a pink blanket in that a hint? Did you get your nipple pinched in the process (reference to raising hope TV show so no one thinks I am crazy)?

    1. No hints, just happened to be the blanket we had at hand. And no nipples were harmed in the making of this crib.

  2. I can lead the risk assessment.