Saturday, 26 January 2013

Nailed it!

Hey, hockey's back!  Hooray!  Another stupid lockout, that has cemented Gary Bettman's legacy of idiocy, has left us with a compressed season but at least we have a season.  I cheered the end of the lockout not to celebrate the triumph of negotiation but as a sign of relief from the constant media guesswork and mindless chatter.

Finally, we could get back to the game and everything that makes it great.  TSN and Sportsnet could return to the analysis and conjecture of something meaningful.

But, one week in, what is my TV filled with?  Wailing and whining over whether Nail Yakupov's goal celebration was the worst thing to happen to hockey or just merely disrespectful.  Please fuck off.  Here's a 19 year old kid who scored a last-second goal to force overtime.  He was excited.  And he slid down the ice to express that excitement.  And, from all accounts, the crowd had absolutely zero problems with it.

This wasn't an awkward post-goal salute, this wasn't some practiced pantomime of warming your hands over a burning hot hockey stick.  This was just a kid, thrilled to be playing hockey.  And fuck everybody that has a problem with that.  You think THAT was disrespectful?  You think THAT was disgraceful?  THAT was awesome.  THIS is everything wrong with hockey.

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