Monday, 21 January 2013


Peanut got a big gift yesterday.  Auntie Andrea donated a metric tonne of reading material that is sure to keep Peanut entertained for many years to come.  Can't wait to dig into these.  Books were a real big deal for me when I was a kid and I'm looking forward to introducing Peanut to these treasures.  Thanks Andrea!


  1. I think you should read the baby the Jonathan Livingstong Seagull one first :)
    I was just looking through Ben's books last night and trying to decide which ones we were ready to part with but I think Andrea has me beat!

  2. Oh, and now when we come to visit we won't have to resort to Calvin and Hobbes books for bedtime stories when we forget our own :) Thanks Andrea!

    1. Hey! What's wrong with Calvin and Hobbes?!?

  3. So many things about this post make me smile, but as a child of a literacy teacher it's mostly about the books.
    YAY for BOOKS!