Saturday, 5 January 2013

2012 - A Good Year

It's been a long time since I've looked back on a year, smiled, looked forward to the next year, and smiled even more.  2012 was a banner year for old TBone.  Got married, got pregnant, AND saw The Avengers!  Hard to top all that but I'm sure the arrival of Peanut will blow everything 2012 had out of the water.

Speaking of Peanut, I know I had promised pics from the latest ultrasound.  I didn't do that in a timely fashion and that has caused some concern amongst the readership.  Well, rest assured, Peanut is fine and is smack dab in the middle of the development charts.  All is well.  My reason for not posting any pics is that these latest ultrasound pics are a little more, uh, skeletal than the previous ones.  It was kind of creepy as the technician identified the spine and followed it all the way down and then a skull with empty eye sockets is staring back at me.  Yeesh.  What happened to my loveable little peanut?  The technician promised me that all the cute flesh and skin would be there on delivery so really looking forward to that.

Work continues its steady decline in impacting my life but I should still recap for the blog.  I don't like where I work but I think I've finally achieved some balance where I still try hard to do my best but don't let the bullshit bring me down.  I went out for a few interviews last summer and nothing really made sense to relocate.  Anyways, I'll keep plugging away to keep the Peanut Development Fund flush with cash and my New Year's resolution is to really put in an effort to not get angry with people I work with.  We'll see how it goes.  But I'm still looking forward to some parental leave.

Best movie of 2012, no question, The Avengers.  Watched it again on BluRay, still awesome.  Just a fantastically fun flick.  Honourable mentions to Looper and The Cabin in the Woods.  Both movies brought different takes on their genres and that's especially impressive for a time travel movie.  The Dark Knight Rises was the biggest disappointment.  It should have been an epic conclusion to the greatest comic geek trilogy in film.  Instead, it was an incredibly thin, muddled mess.  Ah well, I'll still watch anything Christopher Nolan comes out with.

As far as scotch goes, nothing really stood out in 2012.  There were samples here and there but I think I've settled on The Macallan as my go-to bottle.

So, it's onward to 2013.  Looking forward to it.  Should come clean with everyone on the much promised wedding celebration we said was coming this summer.  Yah, that's not going to happen.  We feel terrible and apologize to everyone but there's just too much up in the air with Peanut coming in May.  This is all on us, we did things a little out of order with the wedding and the pregnancy, but, in my defense, I had no idea that my sperm was so incredibly potent.

And we'll leave that image with you to carry you into the new year.  Happy New Year everybody!

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