Sunday, 9 December 2012

Time Goes By

Yah it has been a while.   I did say I would be scaling back but wasn't really intending to become TBone Monthly!   But I'm still here so here are some updates:

Peanut Progress
Lil P has been gestating away.  We'll have an updated picture after Christmas but for now we're just happy that the morning sickness appears to have subsided.  I'm pretty pumped about buying the baby paraphernalia.  We've already purchased a stroller and I can't wait for our first stroll.

But we've got a ways to go yet.  Got a lot of preparations to make before baby gets here. My cousin Peter recommended a movie on Netflix that he had watched at his prenatal class. The Business of Being Born.  Pretty interesting to see how things are done in the states. Feeling pretty good about our choice in midwife. Supportive and informative but zero pressure to choose one path or another.  One thing I was not prepared for in that movie though was just how much of Ricki Lake's nipples I would be seeing.  Weird.

Good god would I like to punch Gary Bettman in the face.  Here we are with another lockout of the nhl players. Looks like we'll be losing another season.  Ridiculous. The owners got pretty much everything they wanted 7 years ago but we're doing it all over again but this time they're quibbling over percentage points and how to deal with the retarded contracts that management granted before the lockout. The only good thing I can see coming out of another lost season would be the firing of Gary Bettman. Here's hoping the squirmy little troll gets what he deserves.

We made a rare trip out to the theaters the other weekend.  I debated over Skyfall versus Life of Pi.  In the end I picked Pi because I had heard people talking about the epic 3D presentation. Now, I am a huge fan of the book by Yann Martel and have been a fan of Ang Lee's film making.  But the trailers made me nervous about the big screen adaptation.  So much of the movie would have to be computer generated that there was a high potential for a Jar-Jar Binks result.  But this was the best CGI I've seen on screen.  There was no instance where the integration of the CGI tiger seemed unnatural.  It was really remarkable.

Can't say the same about the 3D.  I had heard from various reviewers that this was the movie to convert 3D haters.  Nope.  There's a couple scenes that really make use of the 3D but there also scenes that are blatantly gimicky in their implementation.  I just don't get it.  The pixar trailer for Monsters Inc. 3D was much more effective and interesting.

And then there's the ending.  The book was made by the ending.  But all the debate I've heard about this movie has centered around the ending and the its intent to define religion.  I really didn't get the religious aspect from the book but the ending, as it was written, hit me deep as to how a person could cope with terrible events in his life.  The movie didn't really have that same impact with the visual ending compared to the written word.  Could be because I knew the ending already but I just don't think Ang Lee's presentation had the same punch as the book.

Overall, a faifthful and beautiful adaptation to one of my favourite books but the pacing is a tad slow and the signature ending is a tad muted.  Still recommended.

The current state of the NFL Pregame Show is abysmal.  Much as I have clung to the NFL through this NHL lockout, I can not get into any of the pregame shows.  ESPN Countdown is 3 hours of diluted nonsense, CBS defines blandness, and Fox just plain makes me angry.  I really like the NBC Football Night in America crew with Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison and I wish they started at noon.

Die Hard Day III: Die Hard Day With a Vengeance
Third time's a charm for Die Hard Day.  The beer was tasty, the cheese ball was phenomenal, and Jeremy and I were undefeated darts champions.  I still have no fucking clue when it comes to poker and I was only mildly aware when Die Hard III and IV started on the TV but it was still a quality day of drinking.  Paid for it last night though.  Not a good night.  I'm doing much better now though.

We wrapped up season six of Numbers.  It was a real surprise find on Netflix.  I knew the show existed but never gave it the time of day.  How could a show about math and the FBI be anything but gimmicky nonsense.  But it turned out to be very watchable and well written.  And now it's done.  This could be a turning point for me.  Without a fallback series to turn to when there's nothing on the PVR, I may actually get something done.  Still, if anybody has any suggestions, pass them this way.

Black Ops II
Speaking of additional productivity time, my darling wife tempted fate by purchasing Call of Duty: Black Ops II for me.  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was almost a diagnoseable issue for me.  It was compulsive, any spare minute I would turn on that game and get some more kills to level up.  Black Ops II is definitely different, more cartoonish almost and they've actually removed some of the level-up features that got me so addicted to previous COD games.  Very odd decisions there.  Could signal the end of the series.  But given the billion dollar revenues this game has generated, the end won't be coming for a while.

Work sucks.

Merry Christmas!
So looking forward to Christmas holidays.  Jen still has to work most of the week so we won't be spending a lot of time in Ottawa but I'm really looking forward to some down time and seeing family.  If I don't post for another month, here's hoping everybody has an excellend Christmas.


  1. Good to see you back! Perhaps I'll post too since you have now ;)

    1. Don't worry Ty, Megan only post once a month