Sunday, 30 December 2012

I had a dream.

As a late christmas present for my sister, I will describe the dream I had last night.  It was pretty much just me and my boss from work arguing with the engineering manager from the gear division about how to correctly tolerance a drawing and construct a proper bill of material. Yup. We changed venues every now and then and sometimes we were yelling about CAD modeling but mostly it was the three of us simultaneously yelling about geometric tolerancing and BOM's. In the middle of a nice relaxing holiday, I'm wasting some quality dream time on this sort of bullshit?   I know I have to go back to work in the new year but if anybody brings up tolerancing or bills of material that first week, I may have a breakdown.

Now I shared this pathetic dream with Jen and she proceeds to tell me about the dream SHE had last night.  In her dream I was a professional baseball player and I had just been traded to the LA Angels. During my first game she was very busy in the dugout telling my new team mates how awesome she is at baking and how she'll be sending me to work with all sorts of goodies for them.  And then I started crying and proposed to her in the middle of the baseball field.

So in my dreams I'm doing the exact same shit I do in the real world and in jen's I'm a romantic millionaire baseball player...  I think I'll let her do all the dreaming from now on.

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