Sunday, 16 December 2012


We got BOB!  BOB will be Peanut's ride when he/she finally shows up.  Thanks to our personal cross-border shopper, Dawn, we snagged this bad boy for $150 less than we could get it anywhere in Canada.  I had it out of the box, assembled, and tucked away downstairs before I thought of taking any pictures.  But here's the a pic from Amazon.
It's pretty slick.  Can't wait to plug Peanut into it and take it for a real spin.  Luckily BOB came with something to keep us entertained until Peanut shows up.  A big box.


  1. I know lots of parents with Bobs. It's really similar to our Phil and Ted and we love that one.

  2. This is the one we were thinking of getting as well, we looked at it at one of the kid stores in Ottawa and it looked really nice (the guy at the store was really promoting it as well), although I think that was hurting the sale ... a little too eager. Didn't think about going across the border, that might be a good idea.