Wednesday, 14 November 2012


I didn't want to go to work today.  Tuesday sucked.  Bad news on the work front all the way around.  If ever there was a need for a mental health day, it was today.  But I went in.  Had to get shit done!  And I hit the ground running.  I was crushing it.  CRUSHING it. 

One of my tasks was replacing the rad in one of the prototypes.  I got the new rad out of the back room and pulled the rad out of the packaging and placed it to the side.  Now, before I get to installing the rad, I need to get rid of this big box.  I'll just bend at the knees and lift this box in a Health & Safety approved form....  and mid-squat my pants exploded.

The sound of 20 inches of fabric tearing alerted me to the wardrobe issue.  The cool breeze on my intimates indicated the issue was quite serious.  I looked down and shuddered.  I now had convenient access to my junk courtesy of a brand new opening in my pants that went from belt buckle to just above my knee.  Fantastic.

Luckily, I had a big box that would serve well to cover my exit from the shop to the office.  Once I was back to my desk, I dropped the box, grabbed my jacket, and let the guys know there was an emergency at home and I'd be back in half an hour.

I seriously contemplated staying home.  I played a few games of Call of Duty to chill but I did end up going back.  I wasn't exactly crushing it from that point forward.  Stupid pants. 

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