Thursday, 18 October 2012


I've worked at a few different places to this point in my career.  All different industries too.  I've worked in forestry, agricultural, IT, waste management, mineral exploration, and recreational products.  And the common thread joining each of those workplaces has been the douchebag.  Everywhere I've worked there's been at least one complete douchebag whose main goal in life is to stir up enough shit to cover the fact that he does very little to contribute to any solutions.  They are very easy to identify.  Just look for the person that spends more time talking about how much work he has than he does actually working.  There's your douchebag.

And my reaction to meeting such an individual has been hate.  Every time a douchebag interrupts a project or doesn't complete a task, the rage is uncontrollable.  It was always inconceivable to me that such a person could not only remain employed in a business environment but could actually prosper.  My mind would fold in on itself on this contradiction and it would hurt.  Scotch always helped.

I should point out that the other constant throughout my various jobs has been that every workplace has contained exceptional individuals as well.  But it has always been the douchebags that have twisted my gitch.

But I think I've finally been able to get past the notion of the douchebag at work.  Recently, one of the douchebags here made a typical douchebag move that ordinarily would have sent me straight out the door for home and the sweet respite of a single malt.  But, as I looked at the douchebag e-mail that he had sent me and was douchebaggy enought to cc my boss on, I could only nod my head that this was exactly the level of douchebaggery I could expect from such a douchebag.  Congratulations douchebag, you have met expectations.

And, with a shrug, I moved on.  It was a real turning point.  I felt like patting myself on the back.  Good for me!  Hopefully my new found resistance to douchebags is permanent.

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