Monday, 15 October 2012


So my brother is in Cuba right now.  With his wife.  But not his kids.  No his kids were left behind.  With Uncle and Auntie.  Yes, we have moved into my brother's place to keep an eye on the little rug rats.  And their crippled dog.  So, along with having to lift the dog up and down the stairs and out to yard for her "bizness", we now have picky eaters at mealtime, an unbearably sore loser at video games and monopoly, fights over the remote control, and arguments over bed times.  Yes, it's an instant family.  Hooray.  And it's only been two days.  5 more to go.  The kicker came last night when I go to bed and find my nephew asleep on my side of the bed.  So off I go to get some sleep in his bed.  His Spider-Man bunk bed.  Christ I'm tired.