Sunday, 9 September 2012


Our household is obligated to watch every new Jason Statham movie that comes out.  That is because one member of the household has Jason Statham on a certain list.  I hadn't heard of the movie Safe before this weekend but a quick imbd search showed that our expectations should be lowered to Battleship levels.

It started out looking like we were going to be in for a tough 90 minutes.  Bad editing, crappy sound, and the mood seemed a little forced.  But then the action started.  And that sets this movie apart.  The action is phenomenal and the camera work is truly unique.  I had a blast with this movie.

The action scenes were so exceptional I went back to IMDB to make a note of the director so that we could keep an eye out for future projects.  Boaz Yakin.  The only other thing he's directed that I'm aware of is Remember the Titans.  A very different kind of movie.  He's written some other screenplays though: Prince of Persia, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, The Rookie, The Punisher.  Yah, nothing there that I'd expect greatness from.  But he seems to have put it together for this movie.  Recommended.

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