Tuesday, 4 September 2012


My aunt and uncle retired to Lake Placid, NY many years ago.  They built a beautiful custom home just up from Mirror Lake and they knew it was going to be a popular place for family to visit so they also included an apartment over their garage.  Jen and I were lucky enough to get invited down for the long weekend.

Now I love my aunt and uncle and I wouldn't dream of turning down such an invitation but man do I get the heebie jeebies when I go across the border into the states.  My paranoia runs rampant and my blood pressure shoots through the roof as I can feel the firearms surrounding me.  But I managed to tuck that all behind be as I got surrounded by more and more trees.

The Lake Placid area is beautiful.  Crowded on the last long weekend of the summer but undeniably beautiful.  We got to see some of the more impressive landmarks over our few days there.  Fantastic.  This was the road heading up Whiteface:

And the view of the road from the top.

Tough to really get the scale across but the view was spectacular.

And you know what else we saw up there?  A douchebag trying to take a picture of it all with his iPad!  Seriously?  You bring your 10" piece of electronics up a mountain to use it as a camera?  That is madness.

Then we check out the High Falls Gorge.  Another natural wonder made accessible to the general public.

Beautiful.  And guess what else we saw there?  Another friggin douchebag taking pictures with his friggin iPad!  Yes lets take our large awkward piece of glass out amongst the rocks and water to take pictures that will pale in picture quality to the cheapest point and shoot camera out there.

Lake Placid is a beautiful spot in the world and Jen and I had a great time but our visit did little to change my opinion of people in general.


  1. Hey, I went up Whiteface last year on my bike! The ride up wasn't as nuts as the ride down. Fortunately for me, I realized my bike brakes we really shitty before it was too late!

    LP, the town was alittle dumpy, I thought, at least for an Olympics town. Beautiful area nonetheless....

    1. You rode your bike UP whiteface? We passed maybe a dozen guys biking that road and I thought each and every one of them was a complete nut job. Wow. Impressive dude.

      Not a real fan of the town either. It's like Huntsville only more congested.