Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Watched a fair bit of the Olympics on the weekend.  Yah, I'm surprised too.  I don't care for the Olympics.  It's big, bloated, compromised, and corrupt to the core.  But there's not much else on during the summer.  And just try to change the channel once you've stumbled on women's beach volleyball.

Besides volleyball, one sport that really got my attention was Judo.  I'd never really watched a match before this weekend.  Before this weekend, I was under the impression that Judo was actually a martial art where the combatants actually, you know, combatted.  I think I watched 6 matches and all I saw was a bunch of grabbing.  It appears to be a sport of competitive grabbing. 

I'm sure that a good Judo guy would be able to take a novice and chuck him all around the floor.  But when the best in the world go at it, all you see is five minutes of clutching and grabbing of pajama tops.  Every now and then a throw is attempted and either it's successfully countered or the opponent lands in such a way that no points are awarded.

And the points system is ridiculous.  From what I observed, I think you can either get 1 point, 10 points, or 100 points for a particular maneuver or penalty.  That's quite a spread.  And so much of it is up to the judges.  And they have little conferences throughout the match and points get overturned all the time.  It's pretty frustrating to watch.  And if they're tied after 5 minutes, they have 3 minutes of "sudden death" overtime, and if that doesn't get somebody a point, the three judges just vote on who they thought clutched and grabbed pajama tops the best.

It is a far cry from the UFC mixed martial arts and I can see why none of those guys are keen to list Judo as their specialty.  Ah well, back to the beach volleyball I guess.


  1. I don't get the tops. Why are they even wearing them? It just seems like a hindrance. Did you see the guy who wrapped tape around his head to keep his nose from bleeding? pretty crazy.

    1. That's the first one I saw! I was all like "Cool, bloodsport!". But no. The rest of that match and every match after it was like every single fight in junior high school. I kept waiting for the vice principal to show up and say "now, now, that's enough of that".