Thursday, 9 August 2012

2 Midgets Shitting In A Bucket

Besides BBQ, last weekend provided us an opportunity to meet up with a large portion of the old Deere crew.  One of the crew had been talking up this game called "Cards Against Humanity" for a few months.  Take a look at the link, you'll see what was in store for us that evening.  So, after even MORE BBQ and a few beers, we opened up the box on this thing.

And sweet baby Jesus I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.  The rules are pretty simple, each player draws 10 "phrase" cards and one person draws a "question" card.  The question card has a question on it or a sentence with one or two blanks in it.  The question is read aloud and each player submits a card that answers the question or fills in the blank and then the person who read the question reads all the submitted answers and picks his/her favourite.  Whoever gets picked with the best answer wins the point then everbody replenishes their phrase cards and a new person picks a new question card.

We'd gone through a couple rounds and it was my turn to read the question card again.  A mild enough fill-in-the-blanks type question about who the next dynamic duo from Marvel comics was going to be.  Everyone handed in their submissions and the very first pair I read was "Jibber-Jabber" and "2 midgets shitting in a bucket".  And I lost it.  I couldn't even read the card out loud.  I had to pass them off to the person beside me to read.  My brain had broken.  It felt very close to a stroke.

We played this thing for 3 hours straight.  Nothing quite matched the 2 midgets card but a ton of funny stuff popped up throughout the night.  Highly recommended for anybody with a slightly warped group of friends.  Or not so warped.  Some of the fun is explaining phrase cards like "Bukake" and "Queefing" to people who may not have logged as many hours on the internet as others.  Good times.


  1. Did we really play for 3 straight hours? Wow.
    Good news - the 2nd expansion pack will be available this month. MOAR CARDS!

  2. makes me want to jerk off into a pool of childrens tears